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Do you have a minimum order?
No. You can order as little as one ring or as short of a rod as you'd like.

What do I need to complete a curtain rod order?
1) a rod with a specified type (round, hammered, etc.), size (1/2", 3/4", 1" etc.), finish color & length;
2) two finials to put on the ends of the rod;
3) OPTIONAL - rings, holdbacks and wands

How many brackets will I receive with my curtain rod?
You will receive two brackets with all rods under 61". An extra bracket is included for every 60 additional inches of rod. If you need additional brackets, you may order more on the brackets page.

What projection should I order for my custom double brackets?
For 1/2" curtain rods, your projections need to be at least 1" apart. For example, for a 2" projection in the back, you would need to order at least a 3" projection in the front. For 3/4" and 1" rods, you need at least 1 1/2" difference. And for 1 1/2" and 2" rods, you need at least 2 1/2" difference.

What size end mount brackets should I order?
The end mount brackets are sized to fit your specific rod. If you have a 1" rod, order 1" end mount brackets. If you have an odd-sized rod, please round up to the next size of bracket.

What length of rod should I order with my end mount brackets?
Measure your space carefully and subtract 3/4". This is your rod length. It gives your rod space to move into the brackets. You can tighten the set screws on the end mount brackets to your rod to prevent movement.

How do you ship extra long rods?
Rods over 104" will be sliced in the middle, and we will include a sleeve to join the two rods.

How will my spliced rod come together?
We ship a connector with your rod. If you order a hollow rod, the connector simply goes inside the rod, and the rod tightens down on the connector with set screws. If you order a solid rod, a small connector will connect the rods on the outside of the rod. You can turn the set screws towards the wall so they don't show.

How do I know what length the rod should be?
Measure the width of your window, and add width depending on your draperies. Some people have narrow drapes that they wish to hang over the edge of their window. In this case, you wouldn't add very much. On the other hand, if you have wide drapes that you want to hang in front of the wall instead of the window, you would add several inches. Please call if you have additional questions about this.

I need a long rod (about 14') and want to use only one bracket in the middle. What rod can I use so that there is no bowing?
A 1 1/2" or 2" round rod will hang great with no bowing. Special considerations might need to be taken if you have extremely heavy drapes.

Do you fabricate traverse rods?

What if I need a REALLY long rod?
You may order the pieces and put in the "notes" section at checkout that you are going to connect them. For example, if you need a rod that is 30' long, you can order 4 rods that are 90" each. Put in the "notes" section that your 4 rods of 90" are going to be one rod. We will give you 3 connectors and adjust any incorrect billing. Don't forget that we can't ship anything longer than 104".

What if I need my rod split in a spot other than the middle?
Just put it in the "notes" section at checkout. For example, if you ordered a 12' rod and want it split into 2 pieces of 4' and 8', simply enter that into the "notes" section.

How do the finials connect to the rods?
The finials have set-screws on them that easily tighten down around the rod. You can turn this set screw facing the wall so it doesn't show.

How do I know which finial will look good with my rod?
We have recommendations for each finial so you'll know what will look good with what size rod. See our finials page.

I don't have any room for finials. What can I do?
Our end caps are a good solution if you don't have room for finials. They give the end of the rod a clean look without adding much length.

How are the rings measured?
The rings are measured inside diameter. Therefore, if you order a 1" rod, you will need to order 1 ¼" rings or larger. We recommend ordering rings at least 1/2" larger than your rod if they are going to move along with rod. If the rings are going to be stationary for the most part, 1/4" larger is sufficient.

I can't tell on my computer what the finish samples look like. Can I order a finish sample?
You may order a finish sample for $5.00 each on the samples page.

What is your outdoor finish and how do I order it?
Our outdoor finish consists of 1) a zinc cold galvanizing primer, 2) one of our 18 finishes and 3) a clear coat. To order it, please call us at (512) 267-7766.

I have oil-rubbed bronze fixtures. What finish will match those?
There are many different kinds of oil-rubbed bronze finishes. However, our rustic finish seems to coordinate with most oil-rubbed bronzes.

How long will it take to receive my curtain rods?
Please see our home page for current production time. Please see the UPS ground map to calculate shipping times.

What's the best thing to order for a tapestry rod?
We recommend our 1/2" round rod with small finials, such as the 667 finial, the ci9x finial, the ci649 finial, the faceted ball finial or the smooth ball finial. The rod comes with brackets, so that's all you need to order.

I read the FAQ's on how to order curtain rods and I still don't understand.
Please email us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you offer discounts to interior designers?
We do. You can go to our Form and submit your information online. We will email you the discount code and tax exempt code.

What is your return policy?
Curtain rods & accessories are not returnable. Please report any errors with your order within 5 days of receipt. ALL RETURNS DUE TO MADE OF METAL ERROR MUST BE PRE-APPROVED and returned to Made of Metal within 14 days of receipt.

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